Teuta Shabani – Towler

Mom, entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and earthling activist. I care for all humans, animals and our environment.

I like writing, listening to music, meditation, yoga, walking on the beach, Pilates, and dance workout.

What I like the most is helping others. It’s what energizes me to get out of bed every morning. Whether it’s helping my kids, my parents, my friends, strangers, my team, my clients through my business, serving in the nonprofit boards and committees or being a business mentor through SCORE, I feel fulfilled when I am able to help others.

I grew up in Kosovo when it was a part of former Yugoslavia. I’ve been through the transition of different dictators and leaders, the Serbian-Kosovo war and then in 2004, I moved to the United States.

I get asked frequently about my story of how I came to America and what I did before I came here. I’ll be writing stories that I think are worth sharing with friends and other readers. Through these stories, I hope to educate readers about the past but also inspire them to take actions and make the world a better place.

I’ve lived through communism, socialism, war, post-war democratic socialism and now capitalism. Not a single system is perfect. There needs to a balance and it seems like nobody has it right. I’m still waiting for a leader who will “Bring Balance to the World.”

May the Force be with You!

If you’d like to request me as your speaker for an event, please contact me here.